VTK Designer 2: Evaluating a Center Line in a Tunnel

I was reading a bunch of materials on center line algorithms. These algorithms essentially evaluate a line that passes through the center of a tunnel. Most of the algorithms that I was reading works on 3D Image data sets, I was searching for something that works on a polygonal model of a 3D Tunnel. So I though of doing some experimentation myself.

VTK Designer 2 turned out to be a great tool!!. I could not only write my algorithm in ECMA script, but also test it, animate it and validate my logic.

After constructing this network

and writing this script

I could see this movie. (Click on the image below to see the movie in Google Videos).

I do admit that the results are not smack down accurate, but I am quite excited about the nature of development “VTK Designer 2” supports.

A Side Note: “VTK Designer 2” is 80,000+ lines of code as of today. Lots more to go before we can make a decent release in October.