The Thinking Box

On many of the projects that I have recently worked on, people have
told me to, “Think outside of the box.” First of all, I’d like to know
what box they are referring to. Second, why do they assume I’m inside
of a box? Third, if I am inside a box how did I get there? I don’t
remember climbing into it nor do I remember being put into one. If I
was, it was against my will and without my knowledge.

It hasn’t restricted my breathing. The air doesn’t even appear
to be stale. If I am inside a box it doesn’t seem to limit my mobility.
As I move around, I’m not kicking the sides so it would seem that it is
a rather large box. As a matter of fact, I have no recollection of ever
having run into the sides. It would seem to me that the box is large
enough for me to do all the thinking I need to do.

Assuming that I am in a box, I have no experience thinking
outside of it and since I have done pretty well so far, I’m not sure
that I want to do any thinking outside of the box. How do I know if I’m
qualified to think outside of the box and if I am, who determines my
qualifications? What qualifies a person to tell me that I should think
outside of the box? Do these people think outside of the box? Do these
people even see the box? Do these people know what they are talking

If the new thing is to think outside of the box, shouldn’t
someone stay in the box to do some thinking? I mean, if everybody is
doing their thinking outside of the box, who is minding the box? When I
have an empty box lying around, it generally gets thrown away. Do we
really want to risk losing the box where most of us have done our
thinking for most of our lives?

If I go outside the box, can I get back in? Can someone
guarantee that if I don’t like thinking outside of the box that I can
get back in? Before we tackle this question perhaps we should discuss
how to get out of the box to begin with. Is there a door? I’d prefer an
escalator if possible.

I guess when people tell me to “Think outside of the box,”
I’ll just keep thinking inside the box. How will they tell the
difference. Pretty soon everybody will be thinking outside the box and
the new thing will be to think inside the box. When it is, I’ll be
ready. I’ll already be there.

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