SuSE Linux 10.1

After years of being a loyal RedHat/Fedora user; I finally shifted to SuSE 10.1. Thanks to LFY
for giving a properly packaged SuSE 10.1 on DVD in their July Edition. SuSE looks refreshingly

As a developer of GUI and 3D Visualization Systems; I think SuSE is a better system for
working on such projects. The neatness with which everything works and appears in SuSE 10.1
keeps me motivated to do better work on my GUIs. Everything from colors, to icons, to themes,
to backgrounds to sounds to even splash screens blend together. It looks packaged; and so
professionally made. I have never used a SuSE system before; but my first time with SuSE
has been really really good so far.

The SuSE experience has been way better than Ubuntu/Kubuntu 6.06. I guess this is because I
look at a GNU/Linux system as more of a developer paradise than a end-user desktop system.
So I simply cannot get myself to accept a GNU/Linux box not having gcc tightly packaged
with it. manish_chaks helped me setup a development environment on Kubuntu
6.06. After 3-4 hours and 250 MB+ of download I still cant to all the stuff I could with
FC3/4. Ubuntu/Kubuntu is great for end-user “humans” as they call them. For “adventerous”
developers and students of Open Source like me, a fuller system like SuSE 10.1/Fedora
is more apt or should I say “yum”my.