Prabhu Ramachandran, Python and Visualization

About two weeks ago I met with Prabhu Ramachandran at his office in
IIT Bombay. I can safely say now that I have never met a person with
the right mix of technology, enthusiasm, extreme simplicity, humility
and brains that he has.

We spoke for a couple of hours on our passions for Open Source and
our respective Open Source projects. Prabhu is a very animated person.
When he was describing his dreams for MayaVI 2 his face was all lit
up with enthusiasm and purpose. I was fortunate enough to get a demo
of MayaVI 2 from the master and creator himself. It has some kick ass

I was in that same meeting that I got the motivation to take a look
at Python (Prabhu describes it as an ideal programming language). I
must say that Python a fantastic language. I am reading the online
tutorial for a little of two hours now and I am already quite familiar
with the language. It is so simple to understand and use. I had never
imagined that learning a new language would be so easy. Python seems
to have everything that I ever wanted from a language. I hope to learn
more about this language and pour my learnings back into VTK Designer.

Meanwhile, I must say that VTK Designer 2 is going quite good. I dont
have much to tell about it right now because there is a lot of work
going on. More on this in a future blog.