Learnings & Experiences

  • Haptic Transformations in VTK Designer

    Enabling haptic transformations is so simple in VTK Designer now. All you have to do is to set some properties for haptic actors in your scene; and you are ready to go !. See how it works in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRC9BpXec7s The script was pretty simple and small !

  • VTK Designer + Haptics Demo Video.

  • PHANToM Omni Haptic Device with VTK Designer

    We have managed to get the PHANToM Omni working with VTK Designer (and VTK ofcourse) using SensAble Technology’s Open Haptics toolkit. They have some some pretty amazing work. Making VTK work with the haptic device was not all that complicated. We just had to read a bunch of materials (read documentation, sample code etc) and…

  • Back to Windows XP Professional

    Unfortunately the vendor of the hardware device I bought last week does not support Windows Vista. So I had to switch back to Windows XP Professional. It sucks, but then I really did not want to blow away all the effort (and money) that went behind getting the device just because of an OS problem.…

  • Menu Strip in VTK Designer

    Highly inspired by Microsoft Office, I created a very simple menu widget for VTK Designer and called it “Menu Strip”. No, it is not similar to ribbon, although it is inspired by it. I am getting mixed feedback from friends, users and colleagues about it. Lots of work left before it can be called polished.

  • Hardware Arrives !

    Twenty three days and a couple of thousand dollars later, the hardware device arrives :). Anyways, I have to clear some more hurdles before which I can actually begin to use it. a) I need a 15A switch and not the 5A switch that I have in the office at the moment :(. So I…

  • Best penalty kick ever! 😀

    “Best penalty kick ever! 😀” on Google Video It’s funniest penalty kick i’ve ever seen!

  • Marble in VTK Designer 2

    Well, I have gotten a little somewhere with Marble 🙂 I must say Marble is written exceptionally well. Khudos to the guys that wrote it. Before I go further, here is a screenshot of Marble widget and navigator in VTK Designer 2. And I want to go from here to a more fancy avatar than…

  • KDE4: Marble.. wow.. Marble.. wow

    I read about KDE 4 Beta 1 release yesterday and noticed the enticing Marble. A Google SOC project which I am sure will have a huge adoption in the open source world. I encourage you to download and use Marble, It compiles with Qt 4.3, you dont necessarily have to have KDE 4 running on…

  • Getting ready to import some hardware

    We guys at our company decided to import a piece of hardware to understand, learn and generally play around with. The decision to import was made when all vendors in India told us that they dont have it with them. Anyways, once the decision was made we were made to understand the procedure in making…