Milestone in VTK Designer

VTK Designer has reached a new milestone today. It has crossed the 100,000 line of code
border. Rather I should say that the committed/fairly stable code base has crossed 100,000
lines of code. More accurately 100188 lines of code.

100188 is the LOC reported by wc program. I used a more standard kloc program to measure the
LOC metrics for VTK Designer; and here is what I got.

[prashanth@udupa vtkdesigner]$ kloc -s -g -i “*.h, *.cpp”
processing *.h, *.cpp
parsing recursively /home/prashanth/OSS/vtkdesigner

Cumulative stats
Total Empty Lines = 13162
Total Comments = 9912
Total Embedded Comments = 145
Total Code = 55048
Total Lines = 78122
Total Files = 324

70.4641% of written lines were code
18.2695% of code was commented
83.3376% of written lines were code or comments

I am very happy about the progress we are making with this project. Hopefully the new
and old users of VTK Designer will be happy about the next release. manish_chaks
and I are working rigorously towards making the next VTK Designer more stable, usable
and accessible to a lot of users.

We are going to have a Windows version later this year or early next year; and VTK
Designer will be ported to Qt 4.