House Construction

Land Survey

Mr. Vinayak, our architect, requested that we get a land survey done. This would enable him to get an accurate picture of the land elevation at various spots, which will help him create the design of our house. So, today I set out to get a land survey done.

24 hours after the land survey was concluded, we got the following report on PDF. I have masked a few details. But this is what a survey report looks like.

A topographical survey report clearly mentions the elevation changes in the site. Considering the road to be at 100 meters elevation, we can see markings at several points in the site that are in relation to the road. For example, the back most portion of the site is at 97.74 meters, as opposed to the road which is at 100 meters. This means that the site dips little more than 7.5 feet down from the road. This detail is very useful for the architect while planning his designs.