KDE4: Marble.. wow.. Marble.. wow

I read about KDE 4 Beta 1 release yesterday and noticed the enticing Marble. A Google SOC project which I am sure will have a huge adoption in the open source world. I encourage you to download and use Marble, It compiles with Qt 4.3, you dont necessarily have to have KDE 4 running on your system.

Like most selfish people on the planet, the first thing I did was to locate my own place in Marble. I looked for namma Bengalooru in Marble and I did find it. Yay!! 🙂

I am trying to see if I can package a component to use Marble within VTK Designer.

Am trying to see how I can use Marble for this purpose. Hopefully I can figure something out this weekend. Loads of action, fun and satisfaction this weekend I hope 🙂