VTK Designer would make use of the marriage between VTK and DICOM to provide
some interesting features in the next release. Effort is being put into VTK
Designer 1.0.5 to make it load DICOM images with very little effort. All that
the user would have to do is to point to a DICOM file that needs to be
opened; and VTK Designer will construct the required pipeline to load that

Infact; the next version will support more file types. Whats more you can
edit the automatically constructed pipeline and generate C++ code for that.
Ideally over the coming releases; VTK Designer will be able to do what
MayaVI and other data-visualizers can do; plus more.

We have started conceptualizing an ITK plugin to VTK Designer; so that users
can design ITK pipelines in VTK Designer just as good as VTK. Lots to come
and in very very less time.