School timetable – does it really work?

Almost every school I have seen in my life so far follows a “simple” timetable structure for its activities.

  1. Each day is divided into 8 “classes”, so 40 classes a week.
  2. Each “class” focusses on one subject and lasts for some 40 minutes.
  3. Almost immediately after one class, the next would begin. Unless there is a snack / lunch break coming up.

Students are required to generate interest for the subject being taught in the current class within minutes of its starting. They should pay total attention to whatever the teacher is teaching. 40 minutes later, they should learn to switch off their mind from the current subject and generate interest about the new subject. If they don’t manage to do that, the child  is labelled as someone having an “attention deficit disorder”. If not such a brutal tag, the child is atleast subjected to a interpretation – “this kiddo lacks focus or concentration”.

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