New repository for GCF

GCF has moved, like I had mentioned in a previous blog. GCF is also undergoing a lot of changes right now. To ensure that we can develop GCF, branch it, tag releases of it more effectively, GCF has now adopted the a more standard SVN structure.

The new SVN location is

If you checkout from the above location, you will get branches, tags and trunk. I really doubt if you would need all of them. For people interested in tracking GCF development actively checkout a copy of GCF from the following location (<- Code checked out from here may not, rather does not, work properly right now). The last stable (by this I mean working) release of GCF is 1.6.4, you can check out a copy of that code from That version has all the KParts, ActiveX stuff. If you have been using the old SVN location (; you already have version 1.6.4 of GCF. We have stopped using the old location for a while now, I doubt if we are going to commit code into the old location. Also, the old location will be deleted once we tag the next version of GCF. PS: We have not announced this change on our website still. Planning to do that when we tag GCF next.

Last day at Berlin

It is 11 PM right now, I am sitting in the lounge of my hotel “MotelONE”. Tomorrow morning at 7 I am catching a flight back to Bangalore. The last two weeks have been very eventful, which is perhaps the reason why it seems like 4 weeks to me. Lot of action, lots of food, saw one too many colored hair styles. Berlin is a vibrant city, colorful and lets-face-it; expensive city. There are just so many types of people here, that almost anyone will feel right at home. I have enjoyed my stay here (and in Belgium) and sure hope to come back and visit this place again.

It was great meeting Till Adam, Mirko Boehm, Thomas, Mark, Andreas, Frank and all of KDAB. Till stays very near to the hotel where I was put up, so we did get a chance to catch up once in a while, have some beers and see the city.

I am looking forward to get back to Bangalore and revisit the local idli-vada SLVs.

More about GCF and KParts integration

It sure is getting better. The following lines of XML and screenshots are pretty self-explanatory.

<!-- KParts Demo -->
<!-- Text Editor Part -->
<kpart mimeType="text/html" 
title="HTML Viewer" 

<!-- Browser Part -->
<kpart mimeType="text/plain" 
title="Text Editor" 

<!-- Konsole Part -->
<kpart serviceType="TerminalEmulator" 

Changes in GCF structure and hosting

As in mentioned in my talk on GCF at Akademy, KDAB is going to be selling commercial variants of GCF as KDCF. I am right now at KDAB’s office and we are gearing up for making that GCF/KDCF marriage happen.

Towards that, GCF is going to face quite a few changes. Some of these changes are for practical code management purposes and some of them are for branding and commercialization purposes. While we make those changes happen; I just want to let all the users of GCF know that we have stopped working within the repository. We are moving into a new repository. The new repository and the changes will be outined in my next blog, hopefully within the next one week.

The good news is that GCF will now receive commits from even more developers than before. David Faure, Mirko Boehm, Till Adam and Thomas Monicke would be contributing to GCF. Mirko and David have already made minor commits. Better days for GCF are in the offing 🙂

VTK Designer 2: Forms within network editor

With Qt 4.4, it is now possible to show widgets in QGraphicsView. Since the network editor of VTK Designer 2
is written using QGraphicsView, I thought we could provide an option to users where by they can load
forms designed in QtDesigner on to the network itself. This way users can create visualization networks and also
keep related network controls near it. The following screenshots paint the complete story.

First we design the form in Qt Designer

Then we load the form in VTK Designer. Notice that the ‘Load Form Dialog’ from script editor component of
GCF looks much better now. Panel names are more friendly.

After loading the form, we get this

Then we script the toggled event of the check box

After executing the script and toggling on the checkbox, here is what we get 🙂

To get all of this working, I had to commit some minor hacks to GCF. But all is well now.

Phew!.. A lot of updates this week. ActiveX/GCF support, KParts/GCF support, Loading forms in VTK Designer 2.
Being around geeks has its advantages 🙂

ActiveX + GCF

<activex title=”Media Player” scriptName=”MediaPlayer”
parentWidgetHint=”RightDockWidgetArea” />

Gives you this 🙂

Not only can you load ActiveX controls, you view/edit properties in the standard property editor component and can also script them.

Moreover, if you load KParts on Windows alongside ActiveX; you can script scenarios between them :). Isnt it cool…

Support for ActiveX and KParts components in GCF

In my talk on GCF at Akademy, I said in my plan-of-action list that GCF would support ActiveX and KParts components. When I said that, I had imagined that the whole thing would take a couple of months time.

Being around KDE devels helps speed up the process. You can checkout from the SVN sources today and see that there is support for ActiveX and KParts components in GCF. What do I mean by that?

In your GCF Component’s GUIXML file you can have XML elements like this now

<activex title=”Media Player” control=”{22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95}” name=”mediaPlayer” parentWidget=”CStdMainWindowComponent.workspace” />

This will load the media-player ActiveX control on to the workspace widget of the main window 🙂

You can also do this

<kpart mimeType=”text/html” title=”Text Editor” readOnly=”true” name=”part” parentWidget=”CStdMainWindowComponent.workspace” />

[[[GCF also supports serviceType and libraryName for loading kparts :).]]]

This will load the KateDocument part and load it into the workspace. Whats more, the GUI of KateDocument (from its KXMLGUIClient) will be merged with GCF’s GUI. I had quite a few questions about how to do this, but when you have David Faure (of KHTML founder fame) and Till Adam (of Akonadi fame) are sitting right next to you, its easy to figure out solutions to problems.

The whole kparts/activex support isnt perfect, but it is getting there.. Its been a very productive day. 🙂 🙂

Akademy 2008 Day 0/1/2

I arrived here on Friday. Flew to Paris with Girish and from there took the train to Bruxels with a whole bunch of KDE devs.. By 4:00 we were at Friends Cafe and got all the registration done. There are about 200 odd people here.. the whos who of KDE, Trolltech and (Qt/Nokia) is here. There is lot of excitement in the air.

I had a bit of trouble getting used to the food out here. Everything I ate since I boarded the flight until yesterday morning… yeah well.. came out wrong.. I had to basically keep my stomach empty until late evening yesterday and get some good sleep.. I am fine now.. 🙂

Sint-Katelijne-Waver, is a great place. Very calm, very clean, organized. Fairly huge houses, and most of them look the same. The vehicles actually stop when we cross the road, thats a surprise especially for someone like me that comes from Bangalore. The hostel is nice, minimalistic, but nice. Grote Markt is awesome :).. Pradeepto, Anurag and myself were out there yesterday and we took some pics. I am going to upload them in my next blog.

Just finished my talk this morning. It was received very well.. After Demo #1, I actually got some applause.. That was just great :).. Could’nt have asked for more. I had rehearsed the talk with Till the day before and he felt that the layout was good…. and to get this kind of feedback from the audience, it is just great :).. After the talk, I got a chance to some people about GCF. I can actually notice the laptops of participants here having the GCF page open. I guess the talk was successful. I only hope that more people begin to use GCF in KDE from now on.

I must say, I am really enjoying my travel and stay here.. Pics and more news in my next blog.

Company TShirts

We got a few TShirts printed with our company logo.

Looks nice… and here is a team pic (all of us are wearing the TShirts).

Meanwhile, I am all set to go to Belgium for Akademy. The flight is at 1:55 AM on Friday. Girish and I will be catching up at the Airport and starting our journey to Akademy.

I have finished preparations for my talk. The ODP is ready. I have also rehearsed the talk quite a few times, and once in front of Vasudha. She finds it ok :).. I hope the audience at Akademy likes what I have to say. More on Akademy once I reach there..