IPC Support in GCF

GCF – (Generic Component Framework) is receiving a major update this month. We have implemented remote procedure calls, remote set/get property and remote signal/slot connection functionality in it. The current builds of GCF seems to work as expected, over the next few weeks we will be testing itrigorously to find out hidden flaws and fine tune the library.

This is really a neat step forward, because with this our dream to support distributed visualization networks will become a reality in VTK Designer 2. Lots of excitement this year 🙂

iPod Touch

Yesterday I received a courier. I was not expecting any so I was a bit surprised when I got one!. After signing the acknowledgment, I realized that a customer of mine had actually sent it. Its been quite sometime since we finished working for them, in-fact we were in talks with them about starting another consulting stint in April.

Anyways, coming back to the courier. From the looks of it, it seemed like the courier contained a box. I opened the package and to my surprise it was a brand new iPod-Touch! :). I was clearly surprised. So I called up my customer and verified that they had infact sent it to me. Very nice of them isnt it? 🙂

Now about that iPod Touch. It is by far the sexiest gadget I have ever seen/used. It is beautiful, I mean really really beautiful. Khudos to Apple for coming up with such a good product. It is useful, comfortable and good looking.