FOSS.IN 2007…..

FOSS.IN is always a fun event. This year it was no different; although I am beginning to feel that even this year the talks were mostly “intro-type” in nature. The good thing about FOSS.IN however is that one gets to meet the whos-who of the FOSS world (KDE world in particular for me).

I could not attend Day 1, but I was there for all of Day 2. Till Adam opened the KDE Project days.

Pradeepto did a very good job of letting the Indian crowd know the ways to get involved in FOSS.IN. He did a great job organizing KDE-PD and is a good leader for KDE.IN.

Kevin then introduced KDE 4 and the new technologies that it brought to the table.

Girish’s talk on stylesheets was just awesome. He is a really good presenter of technical materials.

Piyush did a good job presenting his GSOC work. He really knew the inns and outs of his work. I think we will have more such developers in the coming year.

The last part of the day was interesting (for me) because I got to present GCF to a focussed audience that comprised of a students, KDE developers and Qt developers; people who asked the right kinds of questions after the talk :). Simon and Till (who was on the jury that awarded GCF a prize in the recent QtCentre Programming Contest) seemed to like GCF enough to say that it might be a good idea to present GCF at aKademy 2008. So if all goes right I might be flying to Belgium for presenting GCF to the whole KDE family :).

Today during the KDE hack sessions; Kevin gave me a good demo of Phonon. I think I am going to experiment with it like right now on Linux. Phonon has a similar pipeline structure that we have for VTK classes in VTK Designer, so I am thinking that we should be able to design sound and video rendering scenarios in the same IDE. Whacky idea????? Tell me about it 😉

Holgers talk on OpenEmbedded was interesting. He is really very enthusiastic about his subject. He was infact even demoing Neo1973 yesterday.

Simons presentation on QtWebKit was just wow!. I was expecting that he would show a simple webkit program that would load a HTML page and render it well; but he did something much better. He modified the 40000 chips graphics view example to show a webpage rendered on two graphics views; each transformed in different ways. Anything you do on one webpage reflected in the other. You had to be there to appreciate it.. The other thing I noticed about Simon was the way he handles tough/pointed questions. He is composed, calm and is very professional in handling queries.. Lots to learn from him about presenting core-technology stuff.

I made a lot of new friends this FOSS.IN. Girish, Simon, Holger, Till, Kevin, Barkha, Piyush to name a few. I also reconnected with friends I made from last time: Dr. Tarique Sani, Shyam Mani, Kushal, Karthik Mistry (which reminds me; I have to send him links about VTK Designer) and many more. Its always nice to meet these people. Ah.. before I forget some more pics from the event and the party thrown by Mozilla.

My friend Vasudha (a die-hard Qt fan) had also come to FOSS.IN this year. This was her first time in the event; and she enjoyed it a lot.

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VTK Designer has been nominated for FOSS India Awards

Our VTK Designer project has been nominated for FOSS India
2008. Please cast your vote for our software so that we can win
it ;).

For people who are wondering who nominated it and why… I got an email
from the editorial coordinator of Linux For You asking me to write
about any FOSS related technology for their magazine. While discussing
about it they agreed to consider two articles from me for publication
in LFY. They also suggested me to apply for FOSS India awards; which I
did and apparently the jury has considered it worthy enough of being in
the nominees list 🙂

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FOSS.IN starting tomorrow!

The best part of December is about to begin from tomorrow: FOSS.IN. Apparently 2700+ people have registered themselves for the conference this year. Thats like 800 people more than last year!. Considering that there will be last minute registrations, there could easily be about 3000 people at FOSS.IN 2007 :).

Three developers from Trolltech had come over to our office on Sunday. Girish, Holger and Simon. It was great having them over. I had a wonderful time. We talked about things like working on Qt, KDE; life @ Trolltech, VTK Designer, Haptics and so on…

Later we went to Brindavan and had a nice lunch. Simon and Holger enjoyed the south Indian banana leaf served food :).

Looking forward to meet the KDE India folks, folks and a whole lot of other people at FOSS.IN from tomorrow. Are you coming ?

Microsoft Office 2007

I bought Microsoft Office 2007 a couple of days back. I was in dire need of some templates that MSOffice came with (or provided access to). It costed me quite a bit; but it seems worth it. I hope I don’t have to remove MSOffice 2007 and keep it in the showcase like I had to for Vista (which was due to the lack of drivers 🙁 ).

Now that I have bought Office 12, I decided to use it for a couple of HOWTO articles for VTK Designer 2. Word 2007 looks awesome :). I am a big fan of the ribbon, which is why I have tried to create something like it for VTK Designer 2. Having gotten used to the new interface; I find it very continent and sexy. Software applications have to look good these days and Microsoft has left no stone unturned to make their flagship product look fantabulous.

Excel 2007 is pleasure to use. I remember getting frustrated while preparing excel sheets for printing. Some columns always got clipped away from pages where they were supposed to show up. But with Excel 2007; you can edit your spreadsheets like you would edit a word document. The page boundaries are shown within the sheet. This makes creating printable spreadsheets very very simple.

PowerPoint keeps getting better and better. I used to argue that one can do just about everything PowerPoint does using other office packages. That argument still holds, but the ease with which you can do things in PowerPoint 2007 is just amazing. Professional slide backgrounds, font and color schemes, ready made templates for just about anything. All of this makes PowerPoint 2007 a great productivity tool.

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Cricket Score Card on Google News

Google is one kewl company :). Every now and then they provide interesting add-ons to news, mail and their other products. Today I noticed this on my news page.

Thats right :). It is the India-Pakistan Test Cricket score card. I dont know whether the news page has this score card because Google realizes that I browse for cricket scores a lot; or whether they have included the score card for everybody (atleast in India and Pakistan for now). But it is very flattering to know that Google cares for the information I dig for.

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