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Elephant as bell for the cycle

Jagriti has been an interesting journey so far. Inspiring, eye-opening; but most of all confusing. On the ground, it is opening new kinds of interactions with my son. Couple of weeks ago, we had a session on creativity. Post that session, I started to pull my-creative side in my conversations with Advay. Here I share […]

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Projects of Bad Faith

After a long time, I started to re-read books on existentialism from Gary Cox. Like he says, study of existentialism can be a hugely impactful thing. I was reading his book “Existentialist’s Guide to Death, the Universe and Nothingness” and tumbled upon this chapter about “Bad Faith”. I inquired into the kinds of bad-faith projects […]

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Stay “grounded”

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Am reading a book called “Earthing” recommended by a friend. Its available for download from here. The book encourages you to literally be in touch with the earth / ground beneath your feet. Perhaps keeping your feet grounded in the cities may not do the trick, but a walk (bare feet) in the park might […]

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SuccEss – My definition!

Success is “Having the true freedom from self-created or self-imposed constraints and being able to make any choice, and express oneself fully”

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