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Posts exclusive about my Vipassana meditation practice

Progress with Vipassana

Since completing my Vipassana course in Jan this year, I have been trying to scrape time to practise atleast once a day, if not two (like they suggest). The idea is to find a place at home and practise Vipassana for a period of 1 hour, twice a day (morning & evening). I have been […]

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Vipassana – Getting in touch with reality as-it-is

It has now been almost a month since I finished my Vipassana course. I still feel the magic! So I thought that it is apt to write about my experience now – since it has not faded away. There are a ton of blogs out on the Internet that give a fairly accurate day-by-day account of the […]

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Vipassana – almost begins

Since my graduation – there has always been some sort of an interest in “figuring out life”. The vast abyss that life is – sometimes scares me, sometimes inspires me and sometimes makes me just plain lazy. I seek education in the hope that I might be able to make leaps in my journey of […]

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